Meet LeeLoo Bird

Say hello to Sandrine Levolois, the French-Caribbean designer behind the delicate, yet strong jewellery label LeeLoo Bird.

With pieces for the delicate earth mother, it’s a combination of feminine softness and raw strength. Handcrafted from relaxing Balinese shores, we learn more about the talented designer and her inspiration for her collection we’re obsessed with.

Describe the LeeLoo Bird woman. The aesthetic and spirit behind the brand.

LeeLoo is a bird. The symbol of my inspiration, my best friend and a link to nature and freedom. I try to make each piece as special to wear as it was to design. The LeeLoo Bird is a symbol of flying, chasing dreams and inspiring to create and share.

How did you decide to undertake this path of jewellery design?

At some point, I really felt there was a time to turn my life into something I always dreamed of. When my friend, Magali Pascal, told me she wanted to have a collection of feather earrings in her shop I offered to make them without really knowing how, just with a desire to create and share.

She gave me my chance, and LeeLoo Bird was born.

Is jewellery sentimental to you?

Jewellery is a personal decoration you choose for yourself – it’s a reflection of you. It follows your day, your mood, your nights and then even your dreams. A jewel is a sentimental energy itself, and teaches others about one’s spirit.

What is your favourite piece of jewellery in your collection?

I have so many favourite pieces it’s hard to choose one! I would say my heart is split between some of the necklaces, earrings and rings. It would be like picking a favourite child! Impossible.

You grew up in the heavenly French Caribbean, tell us about what it was like, and what are some of your fondest memories?

My fondest memories are with my longest friend, Julie, and the crew of surfers we were always with. Those great moments are just as simple as sharing a good sunset together, laughing. I feel fulfilled with small moments, even just the good tiredness a beautiful day of surf would bring.

How did you come to live in Bali?

At the age of 20 I was living in Africa (Senegal), and decided to take a trip to Bali as it always interested me. I fell in love with the island after that very first trip. I was going back and forth between Bali and Senegal, taking beautiful objects back home to Africa, and this is how I decided to just make the move to Bali, and have never looked back.

And finally, where do you find inspiration?

I follow my intuition. I get inspiration from my roots, past journeys, my people.

Sometimes, along my way I find things or photos that I would like to express in my LeeLoo Bird way and I just make it happen.

Sandrine’s collection is beautifully warm and you can shop her delicate pieces online at The Spirit Of Boho now! Feel the inspiration behind her gorgeous LeeLoo Bird brand.

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